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design van badkamer waar sereniteit centraal staat. Handige tool hiervoor is Mortex.

a sofa made of expanded Cork particles, to relax in any way you want. gently sculpted around a straw base. double sustainable furniture

This planter we used as a base to create a bench, made out of cork panels and Mortex. In the night the mortex surface is mysterious like the landscape of the moon, due the linear led lightning integrated under the seeting.  

All walls and ceiling  in the dry zone are topped with a clayfinish, some flax was addes as an extra touch. Most spectacular are the 2 lights that comes out the ceiling, sculpted as stalactites Imagine to brush your teeth in a cozy designed cave, surrounded by natural materials. The shower and bath area is concepted like a monilith-cave, jointless topped with Mortex.

Deze techniek vergt enorm veel vakmanschap. De ingredi├źnten zijn zuivere marmerpoeders en zuivere natuurpigmenten. De warme mooie textuur is het resultaat van dit product laag na laag aan te brengen. Uiterst gemakkelijk in onderhoud. Ook te plaatsen op bestaande betegeling